Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hi all.  Whew!  It only took me an hour to correct my boo-boos on my profile page and get to the point I could actually blog.  This is  a hell of an improvement.  Last week, I started in the morning and my wife threatened me with the couch unless I turned off the computer and came to bed.  Lucky for her, I had completed my task.

I think it's interesting what inspires people to write.  There's no telling what will set an author off to put the first words of his novel on paper.  With me , it was at our friends house in Oceanside, Calif.  They owned a small antique shop and after a day of rummiging through garage sales, they brought home an old trunk.  When my buddy and I finally got it open, it was full of old, personal papers and pictures, you know the ones, where a photographer comes by and everyone lines up in the front yard sporting their best gingam and overalls for a family portrait.

After shuffling through these treasures for a while, I commented a good plot for a book would be  after someone buys an old trunk at a garage sale, bad things start to happen to them and their friends because of something hidden in it.  To make a long story short (or is it to late for that) They challenged me to write it.

I did, using our families as the main charcters, and it was fun.

Enough of me.  Please share what inspired you. 

Until next Thursday.

Friday, July 20, 2012

First blog.

Hi everyone, welcome to my first blog.  I thought I could get this out yesterday but I'm a baby boomer just getting into this social media stuff so, please, bear with me.  Though frustrated with the process, I actually resisted the urge to get my.38 and end it all.  (By shooting my computer, not myself.)

This blog is going to be about my experences on my writing journey from the start to where I'm at now, working with a publisher to get the wrinkles out of my novel so it can go to print.  It will be fun, I hope you join me.

See you next Thursday.

PS:  Remember, your never to young, orold, to  begin writing.